Jarzino was my ten year younger brother. At a very young age it was obvious that he was a very dedicated and enthusiastic boy. A boy who wanted to do many things at same time. He grew up to become a very big guy with a great heart.

He played baseball for a very long time and participated in the selection of Aruba. He was very independent and responsible at a very young age. He started to work as a security guard at the airport of Aruba and was attending at the same time the high school.

He was also a DJ and his passion was drag racing. At the age of nineteen he already owned two Mustang cars.

But what he really loved the most was the sea. He used to dive, surf, swim, body board and at a certain point he joined the Coast-Guard where he had a great future. Jarzino was always a step ahead and there were many things that he still wanted to accomplish...

In September 2004 I went to Madrid to attend a concert and dance salsa. One night I received a phone call and was told that Jarzino was involved in a car accident and past away. I immediately went to Aruba to see my brother for the last time.

Since then I feel that he is with me all the time and that he is pushing me to do the things that I still want to accomplish in life.

That's why, always try!


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